Level: Easy | Prep/Cook Time: 1-2 Hours
Recipe per Bird or breast

– Heat 1 gallon of Apple juice per bird and a entire bottle of European Blend in large Stock pot

– Add 1 sliced orange and one sliced lemon per bird or breast.

– Cool throughly. Pour into your brining container over your bird. Cover and keep chilled overnight.

– Remove Turkey and dry VERY well and do not rinse.

– Place into baking pan on a rack and place uncovered in your refrigerator, to air dry overnight.

– On Thanksgiving morning Bake or Smoke as usual and enjoy your juicy bird!


Level: Easy | Prep/Cook Time: 5 mins

Makes enough for one large Brisket. Can be used on steaks, beef ribs, Tri- tip and burgers too. I prefer McCormick or Penzeys spices

1/2 C Turbinado sugar
1/2 Kosher Coarse Salt
1/4 C Smoked Paprika
1/4 C Light Sweet Chili Powder
1/3 Course Black Pepper
1 1/2 Tbl Granulated Garlic
1 Tbl Onion Powder

– Mix well and keep in a air tight jar.

Sometimes I will add a little fine ground coffee to this recipe if I am doing a cap of ribeye or nice steak.

This is a trial and error recipe, with years of goof ups and bitter tasting briskets. Lots of money down the drain when you ruin a Brisket or expensive steak with bitterness from foo much paprika or coffee. Not to mention how much time waisted in cooking a whole brisket, up manning the Pit for hours only to finely take a bite and see the expression on my husbands or the company I invited over that expected something good and it’s a bitter mess!</p>


Level: Easy | Prep/Cook Time: 1-2 Hours

I suggest doing this on Tuesday before Thanksgiving. You will brine your turkey overnight in a large cooler or in a large nonreactive container in a refrigerator.

Once brined overnight, you will remove the turkey and rinse with cold water and dry it well with paper towels. Place the turkey on a rack inside of a roasting pan or use a broiler pan, place in your fridge UNCOVERED overnight. Remove from the fridge on Thanksgiving Thursday, after it has air dried , roast or smoke as normal.

Below is the brine recipe that I have used for at least 18 years.

2 quarts of apple juice
1 pound light brown sugar
1/2 cup maple syrup
1 cup Kosher salt
Zest from 2 oranges then cut oranges into quarters squeeze lightly the juice into your brine
Zest from 1 lemon squeeze juice into brine and cut into quarters
8 cloves of crushed garlic
1 TBL peppercorns
1 TBL whole cloves ( NOT GROUND)
10 Bay leaves
3 Fresh Thyme sprigs
6 Fresh Sage Leaves
3 quarts very cold water.

– Heat apple juice in large stockpot add all ingredients, except cold water.
– Cook for 5 minutes and remove from heat. Stir well until sugar and salt dissolve.
– Once the sugar and salt has dissolved add cold water.
– Chill mixture until 40 degrees.

I place my turkey in my chosen non reactive container first and the pour the chilled brine over the turkey (remember to remove giblets and neck from cavity and set aside for gravy or to cook for the pup)
If you have brine left over remove the spices etc and add to your container that you are using to brine in. Discard left over brine.

Note: If using turkey breast, brine 6 hours max and cut brine recipe in half