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Ultimate Spice Bundle

Ultimate Spice Bundle

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Not sure how to spice up your meal? Look no further because my spice bundle will cover everything in your kitchen. 

Take your breakfast, lunch, and dinner to the next level. This bundles versatility is UNBELIEVABLE Use the seasoning and brine on eggs, vegetables, any and all meats & birds and then top it all off with my Friskey Fresno Hot Sauce.

Bundle Includes (One of Each) 

1. European Blend Seasoning- Perfect for on any meat, eggs, and a great addition to creamy based dishes and sauces.

2. Bird Brine-  Upgrade your turkey, chicken, duck, or pork loin with this thoughtfully crafted brine. One pouch one bird (or loin). CLICK HERE to watch my step-by-step instructions. 

3. Friskey Fresno Hot Sauce- This one-of-a-kind hot sauce with floral notes of a Fresno chili and a hint of smoke goes amazing with sandwiches, chips, omelettes, and bloody mary's.  



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